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Hi! My name is Sharony Green. I teach History at the University of Alabama. That’s me standing by the Thames, a river that runs through London. I like water. I grew up in Miami, Florida, a place near the sea. I also grew up fishing on Lake Okeechobee with my grandparents.

I descend from people from Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and the Bahamas. Everywhere I go, I search for natural water spaces. I also love using the local environment to teach my students about our shared past. Some of our work involves the Black Warrior River, which runs through Tuscaloosa, the city where my university is located. My research, service and teaching often overlap and involve my interest in the complexities of the people and spaces around me.

About (Public) Face, the title of this website,  is shorthand for my call for more historians to find value in engaging with public spaces. I invite you to discover and hit links to some of my public-facing projects by clicking here. Or see this digital booklet for an overview without clickable links. For more, visit